The Foreword of "Arise Daughter for your time has come, A Vessel for His Glory has been written by Ms. Olivia Anderson-CPLT, Prophetess Powerhouse Social Media Strategist. Olivia has over 200,000 Social Media Followers and she is a sought after Speaker and Woman of God who loves God and serves with obedience. She shares transparency about her life from homelessness to walking into the full will of the Father. You will be encouraged to push through. Order your hard copy toady!

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"Arise Daughter, For Your Time Has Come"



Straight Forward and simply put some women are fearful to step up in their calling and purpose in their lives.  Oftentimes as women we doubt who we are, our worth, our value, our gifts, as well as our purpose. The enemy Satan wants women to be stuck on their past, insecurities & low self-esteem, past hurts, past sins, failures and the list could go on...


In February 2018 the Lord awakened me I heard the words "Arise Daughter" I immediately searched the scriptures and found Isaiah 60:1. "Arise, shine for your light has come! And the Glory of the Lord is risen upon you"


The Arise Daughter book was released August 2018 and something shifted, I believe this spirit lead anointed book has changed the perspective and personal lives of many women. And I have personally spoken to women who has testified of this shift on their spiritual lives.


I'am an anointed scribe for the Lord His chosen vessel Author Caris L. Reed. I used to be at the place of stagnation in my purpose and I believe when the Lord spoke those words in my spirit Arise Daughter" He was giving me grace for such a time as this. No longer will I sit on my purpose and calling, no longer will I wonder what people would say if I stepped into my purpose because "the harvest is plenty but the labors are few"  As His scribe it is my purpose to write this book for all His chosen Daughters and we will Arise together. Now months after the book release the Lord told me to have a conference and book tour to continue his will and speak into the lives of His daughters because it is time for His daughters to sound the alarm.


At this Conference you will receive a spiritual healing, a spiritual awakening to grab hold and run sounding the alarm that the Lord Jesus is still the same, yesterday, and forevermore.


At this Conference there will be a TABLE TALK session, we will share transparency, laugh, encourage, and maybe even cry tears of release, relief, and joy. Click the book images to order your hardback or paperback copy and bring it to the conference for book signing.


If you are here reading this page that means the Lord has spoken to your spirit and lead you this far, now you take the next step if your haven't already purchase and download your ticket today. All conference attendees will receive the Arise Daughter Prayer Book coming out May 2019. Purchase and download your ticket when you click the ticket admit one image or button at bottom of this page admit one (1)






You can also read the Houston Author Caris L. Reed article by National Headline News by clicking the image right below.





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Heartfelt Reviews


This book was definitely an encouragement to my spirit as I was reading.  Without hesitation I would recommend this book for a women’s book club, bible study group, or for an individual daily growth devotion.

Below I’ve listed one of the quotes where Caris Reed clearly penciled her purpose for writing this inspirational book:

 “Far too long women have been holding on to their past unforgiveness, self-pity, hurt, pain, emotional drama, mess, foolishness, petty things that doesn’t matter, hopelessness, shame, guilt, condemnation, loneliness, distrust, fear, and LOW SELF-ESTEEM.

 Also, she also quoted the word Queens several times during her writing so I just want to say: QUEENS THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!


  1. Scripture is her home base as you will see she has done the work for you;

  2. She spends more time on reassurances, restoration, and resolution verses the fears, foes and faults;

  3. Her transparency in this book will challenge you to boldly move outside of your white picket fence in your mind titled “I can’t.”

The accuracy and relevance of this book in my opinion was God Breath and ordained for such a time as this. The birth of “Arise Daughter for your time has come” will thoroughly address today’s society underlined problems.

This book is a Great inspirational guideline and as you read, it will become obvious that it was birth from a place of love, gratitude, experience and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks, Caris Reed for allowing me to review your baby and one of God’s bestselling Books.

Min. Dr. Virginia Bradshaw, Senior Pastor



"Great motivational and insightful resource for women who are ready to take their lives to the next level".  Without a doubt Caris Reed has taken time to delve into what a woman in the 21st Century needs to hear in order to reach the next level of their lives.  Additionally, the spiritual vibe from "Arise Daughter, Your Time has Come" will definitely bring the reader to a new spiritual level of understanding of where they need to direct their priorities if they desire to be a better version of themselves.  Caris Reed has hit a homerun with "Arise Daughter, Your Time has Come" and this is a definite must read for all women no matter where they are in life. --David C. Butler, Author


I only got to chapter one, this is such a good read, it put you in a good state of mind. I give this book five stars--Diane G. Issac






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